Dangerous Conditions in Apartment Complexes Cause Serious Injury in Young Children | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

As a busy personal injury attorney, I speak with many people about cases where a child has been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.  I recently spoke with a young mother whose 8-year old daughter was injured when another child was playing with a bag of trash left on a complex playground.  The trash bag contained pieces of glass.  The young boy was playing around with the bag of glass and accidentally struck the young girl causing severe lacerations to her wrist.  The young girl will likely suffer from permanent nerve damage as a result of the injury.  This particular townhouse complex has a playground for children but it is poorly maintained.  The playground is filled with trash and other objects such as glass which will easily cause injury to young children.

Today I received another phone call from a young mother whose 15-month old son was injured because there is no area for children to play in her complex.  The only alternative is a rundown playground where no parent would leave their child.  In this case, the children frequently play in the parking lot and this child was run over  by a car while playing with a bunch of other children.  Unfortunately, many of the playgrounds within apartment and town home complexes are not well maintained.  Sometimes these town homes or apartments have insurance policies which might provide coverage to you or your family if someone is injured as a result of negligent maintenance of the property.