Dangerous Product? Bug Bomb Kills Boy In South Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A South Carolina mom attempting to rid her mobile home of insects was left with one dead son and one son hospitalized after using bug foggers to kill the pests. In Anderson County, South Carolina, police say that 25-year-old Elizabeth Whitfield used seven bug fog containers in order to control the insects in her rental home in the span of a month.

The toxic pesticides killed her infant son Jacob Whitfield and left her and her older son with serious respiratory problems. The woman called 911 to report her son’s labored breathing – and local Williamston area hospital officials found that all three members of the family were covered in dangerous pesticides.  The mother was placed on a respiratory at Greenville Memorial Hospital following the incident. The older son was rushed to intensive care in critical condition.

It is expected that Anderson County Deputy Coroner Don McCown will confirm the death by pesticides in the coming weeks following toxicology tests.