DC Metro crash cases-Where You File Suit May Matter | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Does it matter if your injury lawyer files a DC Metro crash lawsuit/case in Maryland, Washington DC, or Virginia courts?

The answer may be, yes, it may make a big difference. For example, cases filed in Washington, DC do not have any cap or ceiling on damages in such Metro personal injury cases. On the other hand, the state of Maryland has in place a personal injury cap of $200,000 for Metro liability.

Also, the state of Virginia does not have any cap on personal injury damages against subway or train companies such as Metro or railroad companies. Virginia does have a punitive punishment damages caps that may or may not apply in such a case but that is separate from regular harm and loss damages which Virginia does not have a cap on.

Because one or train crashed into another Metro train, it appears that there will be little question that DC metro also known as Washington Metro area transit Authority will have liability as a cause of the crash. In one prior Metro crash case I handled, the attorney for Metro did the right thing and admitted Metro’s fault for causing the crash, which was indeed obvious.  Also, whether any other third party also may have liability is an open question pending in the NTSB report.

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