DC Metro Worker Caught Sleeping On the Job | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Troublesome news continues to surround the Washington, DC Metro. Just a few weeks after the worst Metro accident in the city’s history and a recent video displaying a worker texting while operating a Metro train, a brand new video surfaced showing a worker actually falling asleep while operating a train, according to WJZ13 news.

Check out the DC Metro worker falling asleep video here…

Clearly, this behavior is absolutely unacceptable. Falling asleep on the job is grounds for strict disciplinary action or firing in pretty much every type of employment, but the fact that this worker is responsible for the lives of Metro passengers makes his irresponsible actions much more heinous.

As an injury lawyer with 20 years of experience representing clients who’ve been severely injured in mass transit accidents, I applaud DC Metro officials with implementing a zero tolerance policy on cell phone use while operating a city vehicle. However, they need to do more. They need to do something to assure commuters they are safe when taking the Metro.

I recommend Metro officials completely overhaul their employee training practices and policies emphasizing the importance of responsible and sensible action while on the job.


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