On Easter Sunday, 95 vehicles were involved in a miles-long pileup along Interstate 77 near Fancy Gap Mountain. Three people were killed in collisions with commercial tractor-trailers in this chain-reaction crash, which Virginia State Police say was probably caused by dense fog. 

Fog can be extremely dangerous for motorists, especially for those traveling at high rates of speed on a highway or interstate, and especially for those sharing the roadway with trucks. It is no coincidence that all three fatalities in last month’s pileup involved big rigs—18-wheelers are bigger, heavier, and higher off of the ground than other vehicles. In a chain reaction crash, they are harder to avoid and hit other vehicles with more force. 

The Easter Sunday chain-reaction crash is an important reminder to be aware of fog and take foggy conditions seriously. What can you do to avoid a fog-related accident with a tractor-trailer? 

  • Listen to weather reports before taking a trip on the interstate—if there are fog warnings, consider rescheduling your trip. 
  • Consider exiting the highway when you encounter fog—the condition could lift in minutes or hours, and a pit stop may prevent an accident and save your life. 
  • Avoid navigating by following other people’s taillights—they may suddenly pull to the side of the road or become involved in an accident. 
  • Avoid switching lanes unless required to, and show extreme caution when lanes merge. 
  • Keep an eye on your speedometer. Fog can create the illusion that you are driving much slower than you are. 

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