Dealing with Aggressive Drivers During the Holiday Season

Aggressive drivers are a problem all year, but during the holiday season, the dangers definitely increase. Multiple studies have been done that show just how prevalent this issue is, including one study that collected data from across the country. The study used data collected data from aggressive driving events during a time period that included a Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Aggressive events include hard braking, rapid acceleration, and speeding. The study found that in certain cities, there were 20 percent more aggressive drivers than the average driver. At the very least, these behaviors cause a 40 percent reduction in fuel mileage. At worst, they cause serious car accident injuries and deaths.

Cities that had the most incidents included Atlanta, Orlando, and Hartford. Coming in at number nine was a city right here in North Carolina – Raleigh. The day when drivers were the most aggressive Thanksgiving weekend was the holiday itself. The day they were the least aggressive was Black Friday.

Researchers used data that was collected in the top 50 cities with the most population from an opt-in feature in an app developed by GasBuddy. This feature provides drivers with an assessment of their driving habits.

As enjoyable as the holidays are, preparation and traveling can often be stressful. Aggressive driving can quickly escalate into road rage. This is why it is essential to take steps to avoid these situations:

  • Make sure to allow for extra time to reach your destination. You can almost count on the heavy traffic, weather conditions suddenly turning bad, and major congestion at malls and shopping plaza parking lots.
  • Don’t speed or tailgate other vehicles. These behaviors often trigger aggressive driving in other drivers. Another trigger is when a driver makes a last-minute jump into another lane, especially if they fail to use their turn signals.
  • If you are already stressed, consider avoiding activities that may exacerbate your stress until you calm down. For example, if you are stressing over work deadlines, heading to the mall that is packed with shoppers may be an activity you want to put off until you’re feeling calmer.
  • Make sure to stay alert at all times to what other drivers are doing. If you see a driver who is operating their vehicle in an aggressive manner, stay away from them and let them go on their way, even if that means pulling over in a safe place until they pass by you.

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