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One of the most terrifying types of injuries a victim can receive from an accident is burn injuries. Burn injuries often leave people with permanent scarring and disfigurement. On top of that, the risk of infections from burns is extremely high and can cause even more serious medical issues for burn injury victims.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be caused by a number of sources – a defective product, work injury, or electric burns. According to national statistics, the most common place for burns to occur is in the home, accounting for almost 75 percent of all serious burns. Just under 10 percent of burn victims are injured on the job, 5 percent during recreational activities, and 5 percent while on the road. The breakdown of the types of burns people received include:

  • Fire burns: 43 percent;
  • Scalding: 34 percent;
  • Contact burns: 9 percent;
  • Electrical burns; 4 percent;
  • Chemical burns: 3 percent; and
  • Other: 7 percent.

Burn Treatment

Burns are categorized by degrees. If a person is diagnosed with a first-degree burn, then only the outermost layer of the skin (referred to as the epidermis) was burnt. Second-degree burns are more serious, as the burn as not only affected the epidermis, but has gone even deeper to the next level, the dermis. The most serious burns are third-degree burns, and the damage can be severe. The burn has penetrated all the layers of the skin, as well as penetrated through to the underlying nerves and tissue.




Although treatment for burns has come a long way over the past few decades, the healing process and treatments can be a very long and painful process. Skin grafting is one of the most common treatments for more serious burns. Although burn victims can eventually heal from the injuries, there is not only scarring left in the area that was burned, but there is often scarring in the are healthy skin was removed for grafting.

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Burn victims not only face serious physical injuries, but many also suffer from emotional injuries as well. They may be dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from the actual accident which caused the injuries, but many also suffer the emotional impact of trying to accept the permanent scarring and disfigurement left on their bodies.

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