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Defective DePuy Hip Implant Did Not Have Safety Trials

Defective hip implants are affecting people from all walks of life including those living right here in Hampton Roads.  That's what 59-year-old Clayton Blosser of Newport News, Virginia (VA) faced when he opened a letter last year that said the artificial hip he'd had implanted in 2006 was being recalled by the manufacturer.

Priscilla LeMoine of Suffolk, Virginia (VA) received a similar letter in September announcing a recall of the artificial joint she received in 2007. The 69-year-old woman had been complaining that the device in her left hip had been slipping and popping and grinding for several years, causing pain that was close to driving her to a wheelchair.  What she didn't know was that the FDA would soon be sending letters to DePuy telling them to stop making the defective product.

LeMoine and Blosser are among the hundreds of DePuy ASR hip replacement patients across the country and dozens in Hampton Roads who have filed suit against the maker of the device, DePuy Orthopedics, and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson.

Are medical devices adequately tested before bodies are cracked open to put them in place? We typically don't think of medical devices as "products" that need to be evaluated for safety and quality. When the doctors put them into our bodies, we never see them again, and hope they work as they as are designed to.  As a Personal Injury Attorney I have seen many cases like these.  

Hip Replacement

The sad part about this whole mess is that people are suffering unnecessarily.  DePuy had numerous reports from doctors, some even on its staff that pointed out the defects.  There are reports that 




DePuy paid doctors to promote the defective hip device.  

Despite being a medical company who is supposed to help people, in the name of profits
DePuy pushed on, causing hundreds of people extra surgery, recovery, pain, suffering and permanent injury.  Your loved ones don't deserve this type of agony, please give us a call and we will evaluate your case as a person, not a number.


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