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Defective USB Chargers a Risk for Electrical Shock Injuries

Posted on Jul 06, 2014

You use them, your teens use them even toddlers use them.  What am I talking about?  USB chargers like those used for the ipad and Ipod.   Cheap USB chargers have flooded the market but many of these chargers have faulty wiring which has led to electrical shock injuries.  A defective USB ­device killed a mother of two, Sheryl Anne Aldeguer.  In the latest case, a 13-year-old boy had a USB charger connected to the outlet behind his bed.  When he pulled the charger out of the outlet the casing dislodged from the frame exposing the live wires, which delivered an electrical shock.

An electrical shock injury has the propensity to cause severe, disfiguring burns known as electric burns. What makes these burns unique is that the burns may be not noticeable to the naked eye; some burns completely internal. If you suffer an internal electric burn, you may lose the feeling in your arm, leg, or other body part or even be unable to use the limb. 

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Thousands of consumers are seriously injured or killed every year by defective and faulty products that have not been properly manufactured, inspected or tested to insure that the products will not cause serious injuries or even loss of life. When a family member is permanently injured or even killed due to defective or dangerous product there are allot of questions that must be answered.  As Virginia (VA) defective product attorneys we know which ones to ask.  Did the company know from previous similar accidents, injuries or deaths that the product was unsafe or dangerous?  If so, should the device have been recalled or modified well before the date of the latest injury? This is often a very important question in a defective product claim or lawsuit that an experienced product defect lawyer will investigate through a variety of research sources. 

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