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Alleged Dentist Puts 7,000 Patients at Risk of HIV, Hepatitis

What Happened

In Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK) the health department is notifying and warning 7,000 patients they may have contracted HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C from a local dentist. The oral surgeon has come under investigation by the state dental board, the state bureau of narcotics, and the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, after a patient who had no known risk factors was diagnosed with hepatitis C and HIV. Because the dentist was a Medicaid Provider his clientele consisted of a high volume of patients with HIV or hepatitis. The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry conducted a surprise inspection after receiving word of the infected patient. According to a spokesperson they allegedly found the dentist had been regularly using rusty instruments on patients with infections, and the use of bleach on wounds. More allegations suggest he allowed unlicensed assistants to administer medication, as well as decide which medication and how much to administer to the patients. The dentist is also alleged to have re used needles, which contaminated drugs with bacteria and trace amounts of other drugs. The spread of HIV and hepatitis is alleged from the incorrect cleaning of the instruments. After instruments were used on infected patients they received an extra dip in bleach in addition to the normal cleaning methods. Over time the bleach corroded the instruments causing the rust spots, which indicated they had become porous and could no longer be properly sterilized. 

Here is a news video about the allegations against the dentist.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

This is a very frightening situation to hear so many people are at risk of such deadly diseases. We can only hope the alleged violations do not result in any further infected patients. Although this situation is of a completely different nature the events hit close to home after a local Chesapeake dentist received multiple complaints from patients of mistreatment and had a medical malpractice suit filed against him. If you have suffered complications due to a medical mistake during dental practices or surgery we strongly urge you to consult a Virginia (VA) medical malpractice lawyer for specific legal advice as you may be entitled to damages for the harm caused.  Our firm understands the complexities of any malpractice claim and works closely with medical experts to determine whether negligence played a role in your injury. Our firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars in Virginia (VA) medical malpractice settlements for our clients.

Potentially Helpful Info:

A statute of limitations may be extended if the person could not reasonably discover that they had a case. This is important because medical malpractice actions filed in Virginia (VA) follow the general two-year statute of limitations.

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