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Norfolk, VA Personal Injury Attorney Reports: Discount Buses May Be Unsafe for Holiday Travel

The economy is tight, and we're all trying to cut back on spending. Whether it's making a trip to a discount grocery store or putting ourselves on tighter budgets overall, Americans nationwide are looking for the next best savings. One way many are cutting back is with travel. AAA reports a 15 percent increase in bus and train travel during the 2011 holiday season, largely due to the poor economy and expensive fees associated with flying.

It's always great to find a good deal, but at what cost?

Many Hampton Roads citizens are climbing aboard low-far buses heading to New York, Richmond and Washington, DC, without much regard to the bus company safety history. It has been reported that the death rate on these “curbside buses” can be up to seven times higher than traditional companies like Greyhound. This shocking rate is not enough to discourage some passengers.

It can be difficult to research a bus company's record. Many bus lines advertise under different names, and because the names are often different than the ones listed with federal regulators, accident reports can be difficult to trace. There are at least eight discount bus companies than run 13 daily routes from Norfolk and Virginia Beach to New York, Richmond and DC.

Before you board, consider researching the company's history. In March, manslaughter charges were brought against a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel of one of these buses, killing four people. While some will argue that accidents can happen at anytime for any reason, the bus company's history could give you insight as to what you might be getting into.


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