There are approximately 130,000 people injured in car accidents each year in North Carolina. These victims often are left with medical bills and other expenses because of these injuries. Under North Carolina law, any injured victim can pursue legal action against the at-fault party for financial compensation for these losses.

Unfortunately, in order to pursue damages, there are many items that need to be followed up on, such as getting police accident reports, dealing with insurance companies, and gathering evidence from the crash. This can be difficult for an injured victim who is trying to recover and may be suffering from pain. This is why accident victims should consider retaining the services of an experienced North Carolina car accident attorney. The attorney can advocate for the injured client.

What Can a Carolinas Injury Attorney Do?

A car accident victim should contact an attorney immediately following the crash. There are several reasons for this. The first is that by having an attorney representing them, the victim is able to focus entirely on their recovery and not have to deal with any stress of the case, which could actually hamper their recovery.




The accident attorney will know exactly who should be contacted and what evidence should be persevered and/or obtained. Some of that evidence can include:

  • Witness statements: During the investigation of the crash, a car accident attorney will contact any witnesses who are in the police accident report, as well as any witnesses the victim may have spoken with at the scene of the crash. The attorney may also speak to any residents or business owner/employees who may have seen the accident happen.
  • Security camera footage: Many businesses and retail establishments have security cameras and it is not uncommon for these cameras to capture car accidents that occur in the area. The problem is that these tapes are usually taped over within few weeks so it is imperative that someone checks to see if any of these tapes exist. A car accident attorney will know how to proceed to get this type of evidence.
  • Red light cameras: These traffic enforcement cameras are used to catch red light runners, but it if the crash occurred at an intersection where these red light cameras exist, the camera may have captured the crash.
  • Photographs: A car accident attorney can make sure that photographs of the crash scene are taken, capturing any relevant details such as skid marks, road construction or defects, and any other items which may have been a factor in the crash.

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