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One of the most common injuries that victims sustain in accidents is fractured bones. This often happens in vehicle accidents, whether the victim is an occupant of one of the vehicles or a pedestrian or cyclists.

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Although most bone fractures will heal with no or minor complications, it is also not uncommon for victims to develop complications from broken bones. The complications can be a result of anything from the break in the bone or could also involve damage to the soft tissue that surrounds where the fracture is.




Bone Fracture Complications

If you have suffered a bone fracture in an accident, it is critical to seek medical treatment immediately. Delaying any kind of treatment could put you at significant risk for complications. Your doctor will provide you with the recommended treatment and will also monitor for any issues that could arise. Some of the more frequent complications associated with fractures include:

  • Compartment syndrome: Circulation in the body becomes compromised because of internal pressure building up in a closed area. This can result in permanent damage.
  • Damage to nerves and tissue: Depending on how severe the bone fracture is, nerves and tissue surrounding the area can suffer permanent damage.
  • Lung or respiratory issues: When bones in the chest area get fractures, the victim can suffer damage to the lungs or develop breathing and respiratory issues.
  • Malunion: When a bone has healed improperly or incorrectly, this is referred to as malunion. Victims may need surgery in order to correct the issue.
  • Mobility loss: Certain types of fractures can lead to a long-term or permanent or loss of mobility in the break area.
  • Myositis ossificans: Sometimes there are calcifications which develop in muscles that are in the area of the fracture, causing swelling, tenderness, contractions, and intense pain.
  • Systemic complications: There are multiple complications which can be triggered by the broken bone including, pneumonia, sepsis, shock, or exacerbation of an existing condition.  
  • Vascular damage: If the fractured bone damages any part of the vascular system, like the femoral artery, this could cause a blood disruption or other complications which could be fatal.
  • Visceral injuries: If the fractured bone pierces or protrudes into organs, there can be permanent organ damage or even organ failure.  

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