Do You Know About Virginia’s Dangerous Dog Registry?

The vast majority of dog bites take place feet from a person's home - they are often attacked by aggressive dogs owned by friends or neighbors. Luckily, Virginia has a Dangerous Dog Registry where VA residents can find out if aggressive dogs live near where their families live and where their children play.

At the website, visitors may read about 
Virginia Dangerous Dog legislation and look up whether or not a dangerous dog lives near by - either by county or by zip code. Owners of dangerous dogs may also register their aggressive pet and fill out related paperwork.

Dangerous Dog Registry is new in Virginia - it became effective in October of 2008. Each dangerous dog entry should include, according to law, the dog's picture, a description of the dog, the breed of the dog, the address of the dog, and the acts that resulted in the dog's aggressive classification.



A neighbor's dog bit by small nephew. At the time, I did not have any minutes on my pre-pay cell phone, and I thought everything would be okay. I told the woman that if anything came of it, I would need the animal's shot record (that was what my parents said to do years ago). My nephew now has a permanent scar. They never brought me a shot record. Afterward, I found out that my nephew is the 8th person that has permanent scars from that dog. (The other 7 live with the dog). How many people have to be bitten before a dog is considered vicious? There is one woman who has 3 kids, with a combined total of 4 bites. Why doesn't Child Protective Services tell her that she can't just keep letting her kids get bitten?
by Jill Gunter June 22, 2009 at 03:03 PM
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