Pit Bull Owner Charged With Multiple Misdemeanors Following Attacks by the Dog

The owner of three dogs, including Kiki, a 60-pound pit bull shot and killed by a police officer when it threatened National Night Out particiapants in Richmond, Virgina (VA), has been charged with multiple misdemeanors, according to the Richmond Times-DispatchKiki was being tested for rabies when police charged her owner with letting a dog run at large, posessing a nuisance dog, and not having a breeder's permit, rabies permit or license for dogs she kept at her home in the 900 block of North 37th Street in the East End.

The owner told the newspaper her charges did not "make sense" because Kiki was "gentle dog." But for whatever reason,
 children were playing in an inflatable gym when the pit bull ran out of a house, charged at the gym and attempted to bite the kids. A man who protected the children by using garden shears to hit the dog suffered numerous bite wounds to both arms. The dog only desisted after being shot and killed by a police officer.

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