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Driver Talks about Safety After Slew of Tractor Trailer Accidents

Driver safety is always a concern, especially when you drive a big rig that is capable of carrying up to 80,000 pounds in a single load. The owner of Floyd Trucking – Ron Floyd – stated that there are many reasons why big rig accidents happen. While some of the fault can be contributed to cars who cut the trucks off or those who do not allow the trucks enough room, Floyd is adamant that the drivers of the rig bare a large portion of the responsibility.

Some drivers push themselves to drive more hours and avoid writing down the actual number of hours on the road, which violates federal trucking regulations. Another problem is trucking companies utilizing worn down trucks and tires in an effort to maximize profit while jeopardizing safety.

During the spring, as reported by WTVR, the jobs for big rig drivers pick up considerably. This may lead to an increased risk of serious accidents, especially if truck drivers are rushing to make it to their destination on time and are not taking the necessary precautions which are codified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

AAA emphasizes that these tractor trailers are more than 25 times the weight of a single car. This means a wreck between a car and truck can result in disastrous consequences.

Our trucking accident injury law firm understands just how devastating accidents can be when a big rig hits a compact car. For example, we handled a case involving a big rig crash on Interstate 64 (I-64) in Norfolk, VA that led to our client getting burned alive. When we took the case, we recognized the severity of the wreck and were able to secure a $3.5 million settlement for the only surviving child of our client.

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