Drowning Victim from Chesapeake, Virginia (VA) Identified | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Boating accidents resulting in death or serious injury start to happen more frequently as the weather warms in Hampton Roads, Virginia. A recent drowning victim was identified as Reynard C. Bittner of Chesapeake, Virginia (VA). Bittner, age 60, was in Sterns Creek on the Elizabeth River when his engine died. Bittner was being towed back to shore by another boat when he fell overboard Sunday night. Bittner was not wearing a life jacket at the time, and subsequently drowned. The Virginia Marine Resources Commission is investigating the incident, and so far it seems that Bittner’s death was accidental. However, the Coast Guard is urging boaters to wear life jackets and take other safety measures in order to prevent more drowning incidents from occurring. As an attorney specializing in personal injury law, I have seen the tragic aftermath that these accidents can have on the family and friends of victims, especially since some of these accidents are preventable. As the boating season picks up this summer, it is important to take safety precautions while on the water.