A drunk driver, who consumed enough alcohol to be roughly three times over the legal limit, hit two pedestrians in a neighborhood located off Highway 904 in Columbus County, North Carolina (NC). One of the victims died at the scene and the other is in being treated at a hospital, according to wect.com. We dont know how severe their injuries are at this point.

These fatal accidents are always disturbing to hear about since the loss of life is, by in large, preventable. If the at-fault driver had been more responsible and not decided to drink and drive, maybe these two pedestrians would be alive and healthy instead of one being taken from us far too soon and the other needing major medical attention due to potentially life-threatening injuries.

Unfortunately, far too many North Carolinians are suffering serious injuries due to drunk drivers. In fact, roughly 500 people have been killed in drunk driving accidents in North Carolina in 2008, according to alcoholalert.com. 

I understand the temptation associated with drinking and driving. It’s easy to go out with friends,¬†have a good time at a bar, night club, or even at a house party, and then decide to return home in your car. Nevertheless, in that crucial moment when youre heading to the car, take a step back and realize that operating a vehicle in your condition is a huge risk, and one not worth taking. Call a friend. Call a taxi. Just call someone to help you get home without getting behind the wheel of a car.