DUI Hit and Run Leaves Virginia Beach Cyclist in Coma

What Happened:

A cyclist in Virginia Beach was biking to get groceries along Virginia Beach Boulevard, when a drunk driver slammed into him. The driver fled the scene, but a license plate was torn off the car and left behind. Virginia State Police tracked down the car, which was heavily damaged in the front and spattered with food. The police then arrested the driver, Nathan Casebolt, 40.

Casebolt later pleaded guilty to drunk driving and driving without a license. He has received a year in jail and a fine of $3000. He currently is appealing to Virginia Circuit Court, where he is facing a felony hit and run charge.

One felony maiming charge was withdrawn because evidence indicated that the biker swerved into traffic. If the cyclist ever wakes up, he will likely be paralyzed.

Virginia Injury Lawyer’s Perspective:

We wish a speedy recovery to the cyclist in this case. Drunk driving is an inexcusable crime that can lead to terrible consequences for innocent people. The family in this case should speak with a Virginia personal injury attorney. Even though the driver is facing heavy criminal charges and already has been convicted on some counts, he still could be held liable in a civil suit for the biker's pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills.

Helpful Info:

Our personal injury lawyers do not represent drunk drivers. We only sue them. For more information about your legal rights in a case where your loved one was injured by a drunk driver, please read this helpful article.

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