Emergency Department Bills Injured Texas Woman For Nothing But Delay! | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

In a recent new report in a Dallas, Texas newspaper, it was reported that a 29 year-old lady suffered a serious personal injury when she broke her leg back in September of 2008.  As a result of this serious personal injury, she went to her local Emergency Department to have her broken leg treated by the Emergency Room doctor. 


She was placed in the waiting room and went untreated for 19 hours.  Finally, she left in disgust and went to a different Emergency Department.

Much to her surprise, two weeks later she received a bill for $162.00 from the Emergency Department that offered her no treatment.  She stood up for her patient rights and refused to pay this bill from the Emergency Department that failed to treat her.


If you have received serious personal injuries, it is always important to seek medical attention promptly.  However, if the medical facility you report to does not treat your serious personal injury quickly, you should seek alternative treatment.  You may also want to see an experienced personal injury lawyer if you get this kind of treatment from a health care facility, especially if the lack of prompt medical care leads to clear worsened injuries or permanent damages.

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