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My colleagues Rick Shapiro, John C., and Jim Lewis bestowed some of their extensive legal knowledge (each has been practicing law for over 20 years) in a seminar focused on injury law. This material is now available on our web site and is a must-read for anyone who is in the midst of a lawsuit and wanting to make sure their attorney is representing them properly, or for a new attorney looking to gain important knowledge on injury litigation.

Rick wrote exclusively on the issue of discovery. This is where lawyers attain and examine evidence to be presented in a case. For example, Rick talks about financial bias discovery, vocational examination orders, corporate representative depositions, and much more. It’s a great primer for any attorney looking for essential information on this component of litigation.

John wrote about how to determine and value various types of insurance in a car accident case. He also discussed the steps necessary for a pre-suit workup and how to handle a car accident investigation. ¬†Both articles are extremely enlightening if you’re an attorney looking for general information on how to handle a car accident case.

Jim’s articles are focused on providing advice to attorneys handling jury trial cases. He delved into the key aspects of a jury trial. For example, in his article on the basics of a jury trial Jim stresses the importance of crafting your own style and not trying to emulate someone else or to present a style that does not come naturally to you. The jury routinely realizes this and you risk losing credibility with them. Jim also wrote the importance of expert testimony at trial. You need to be aware of the tips and strategies on how to present expert testimony and how to cross examine an expert.

I strongly recommend you read all of these articles. You won’t regret it.

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