Faison, North Carolina Man Critically Injured in Accident with Tractor Trailer | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

John Thomas Ball Jr. from Faison, North Carolina (NC) was traveling on Interstate 40 near Old Mountain Road when he collided with a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer, driven by Pacquin Fields, had stopped at a construction zone. John Thomas Ball Jr. was not able to stop in time safely behind the truck and slammed in to the back.   


Ball’s vehicle broke through the support beam that is supposed to stop underride crashes and went under the tractor trailer. The rear axle of the truck broke, causing extensive damage to Ball’s vehicle.


Ball was airlifted to the Carolinas Medical Center, where he is still being treated for serious injuries sustained in the trucking accident.


As a personal injury attorney I have seen countless accidents involving tractor trailers. Trucking accidents are often far more dangerous for drivers then typical car accidents. Tractor trailers are several times the weight and size of a vehicle and can do extensive damage in even small accidents.


As drivers we have to be extremely cautious around large trucks, especially on the highway. In the case of John Thomas Ball, the truck had come to a complete stop on the highway and even though the truck was equipped with a support beam, the device failed and caused Ball to go under the truck. Ball’s injuries may not have been so serious if this had not happened.


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