Fatal Greensboro Hit-And-Run Crash Leaves 7 On The Run | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

After a night in a Greensboro sports bar, McGee’s on High Point Road, a two-vehicle crash resulted in the death of one woman while the rest of her friends fled the scene of the crime. One of the eight suspects the South Carolina State Police are looking for has turned herself in, but seven other people involved in the deadly car accident are still on the run – and one may be injured.

At a quarter to three in the morning on Monday, three different cars took the onramp from Interstate 40 to US 29. One car crashed on the right side of the street, hitting the side of the road and flipping several times, killing a passenger, 23-year-old Cherita Jones of Greensboro. Another car, a BMW, went off the left side of the road, hitting a guard rail. A third car picked up a number of passengers from the first two wrecks and left the scene of the accident.

SC Police have found 26-year-old Shaquetta Johnson of Greensboro, who was driving the car that was involved in the deadly rollover accident and who turned herself in a few days after the South Carolina rollover accident. The woman was charged with involuntary manslaughter, a felony hit and run and driving with a revoked license. She is awaiting trial and has posted a $15,000 bond.

There are some rumors that the cars involved in the two vehicle accidents were racing at the time of the crash. The people involved in the accident were friends and acquaintances. Others involved in the crash and who are still on the run have been charged with charged with felony aid and abet.