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Fatal Heart Attacks: Preventable Mistakes or Medical Tragedies?

How can you know if your loved one’s heart attack was unpreventable or the result of a medical error?

This week we covered the story of Gail Brown, a Virginia widow who believes that her husband’s death from a massive heart attack should have been prevented by his doctors and his hospital. While her husband, Virgil Brown, underwent a heart surgery in the months before his death, his wife believes that his doctors should have come to a more accurate diagnosis of his heart condition and should have given him a clearer idea of his treatment options and their possible outcomes.

Brown suffered a heart attack in the fall of 2008. His two doctors ran tests and recommended a three-part heart surgery to combat his heart issues and extend his life. But just four months later, the man died of a massive heart attack despite his treatment. Now, his wife is suing for wrongful death, including damages for medical costs, lost wages, and anguish at losing her life partner.

As you can see, medical malpractice cases and wrongful death cases can be complex – and all cases are different. While many fatal heart attacks are medical emergencies that can not be predicted or prevented, some are indeed the result of a careless doctor, a negligent hospital, or a medical error. To learn more about whether or not you may have a wrongful death lawsuit related to a loved one’s fatal heart attack, speak with an experienced attorney today.
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