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Father at Fault for York, VA Car Accident That Injured His Children

Two children were injured when the vehicle they were passengers in crashed in York, Virginia (VA).The accident occurred at the intersection of Hampton Highway and Yorktown Road when their father, who was driving, allegedly ran a red light.

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The negligence of the father in this accident is twofold and quite inexcusable. Frst, failing to stop at the signal was not only illegal, it put his children's lives at risk. It is not acceptable to be so careless with the lives of young ones are in your hands. The second strike against this father is that he did not make sure his olde son put on a seat belt and that he failed to secure his younger child in a safety seat.The toddler was ejected from the car upon impact with an oncoming vehicle.

The father has been charged with multiple criminal offenses for being so careless.

I hope the children fully recover from their injuries, and some may wonder if the injured children have rights under the law to receive compensation. Under Virginia law, they do. In cases such as this, passenger, regardless of age or relation to the at-fault driver, are entitled to pursue personal injury claims. 


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