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Ferrous Sulfate Tablets Recalled by FDA

What Happened

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recall of one lot of Ferrous Sulfate tablets 325mg. The voluntary recall was made by Advance Pharmaceutical Inc. after a pharmacist discovered a bottle that contained Meclizine HCI 25mg tablets instead of the Ferrous Sulfate. The tablets were sold with the label Rugby Natural Iron Supplement Ferrous Sulfate in 100 count bottles. The lot of Rugby Ferrous Sulfate is 12G468 and expires on 7/14.

The FDA says Meclizine toxicity can cause dose-related serious adverse events. These include drowsiness, impaired alertness, low blood pressure, confusion, respiratory depression and coma. In the absence of supportive treatment, such Meclizine toxicity could become life-threatening.

The Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

It's scary to think the wrong drug can be packaged in place of another. Ingesting the wrong drug can have a multitude of consequences to your health. In this case, consumers who take three tablets daily of the iron supplement would instead ingest 75mg of Meclizine, which is close to the maximum daily adult dose that can be prescribed leading to serious complications.

Anyone who has been injured or made ill by such drugs has the legal right to file a claim for damages against the manufacturer.  If you have been adversely affected by a drug that has been recalled, you are strongly urged to seek the consultation of a personal injury attorney. We can only hope that all consumers who may be affected hear about the recall and dispose of the medication before someone is seriously injured.

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