What happened:

Several people were injured following a crash in Reston, VA.  The crash occurred on Dulles Toll Road when a shuttle van hit a jersey wall.  Authorities say that another vehicle was also involved in the crash.  Four people suffered minor injuries and a fifth person suffered severe injuries and was transported to the hospital via Medevac helicopter.  The investigation into the cause of this crash is still ongoing.

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The Virginia Injury Lawyers Perspective:

We hope all who were injured make a complete recovery.  As the investigation is ongoing it is difficult to determine just what caused this accident. However, those who have been injured may benefit from speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  Those who are victims of this crash may be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries, potential lost wages and out-of-pocket medical expenses. 

Potentially Helpful Info:

Our law firm specializes in personal injury law.  We devote our time and energy to ensure that our clients receive all that they are entitled to.  It is very important to us that our clients are able to recover from their injuries and their experience while we work hard to ensure that their personal injury claim is handled with utmost care and attention.  To learn more about filing a personal injury claim in Virginia, take a look at this free guide prepared by our experienced personal injury lawyers.

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