Five Ways Marijuana Use Can Affect Virginia Truck Drivers | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

When it comes to intoxicated driving and driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol usually takes center stage. Yet a significant number of traffic accidents and commercial truck accidents involve drivers that are under the influence of marijuana. 

What effect does cannabis have on your driving abilities, and how can it cause accidents? Let’s take a closer look: 

  • Impaired short-term memory. Why do you need your short-term memory to drive? It’s important that you remember where you are going, what the speed limit is, and what traffic conditions are like. 
  • Slowed reaction times. Like alcohol, marijuana retards reactions. This becomes extremely important when considering that car accidents often happen quickly—and can only be avoided if drivers are attentive and in their right minds. 
  • Difficulty tracking objects. Your ability to track objects is never more important than when you are operating a heavy vehicle and driving 50 to 70 miles per hour on the highway or interstate. 
  • Issues with selective attention and divided attention. Some people claim that marijuana helps them concentrate—but the question is, on what? If you are focused on something other than the road, a serious accident can occur. 
  • Hand-eye coordination. Again, like alcohol, marijuana can affect your hand-eye coordination. Not being able to coordinate your movements can be deadly, especially if you are operating a car or commercial truck. 

It is important to note that marijuana also affects your general alertness and can have an affect on your concentration up to 24 hours after smoking or ingesting it. 

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