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For Car Accident Injury Clients: What Makes the Case Good or Bad? (The Collision & Medical Care Issues)

My injury attorney colleague, Richard N. Shapiro, posted a great discussion of what makes a car accident case good or bad, from the collision scene to your medical care,  here on the Va. Beach Injuryboard blog , titled:  Car Accident Injury Client: What Makes the Case Good or Bad? (The Collision & Medical Care)

He covers all these critically important topics:


Pictures and phone numbers (how to get this data)

Minor car damage means minor injuries (maybe not and why)?


Stay-At-Home Resting Your Bones v. Qualified Medical Care (which is better)

Arguments with medical doctors/providers (case killers?)

Irrelevant  verbal statements/disclosures to medical doctors/providers

Irrelevant written statements to medical doctors/providers

Big gaps (long periods) in having medical care

This is a must read for any car accident victim wondering about whether their injury claim is a good or bad claim, and how to be sure that they do not hurt or weaken their potential case.  Also, other Injuryboard injury attorneys are blogging on these issues and Rick refers to those other articles.
Richard N. Shapiro
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