Former United Way of Central Carolinas CEO Suing For Wrongful Termination | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Former CEO for the Central Carolinas United Way, Gloria Pace King, is suing United Way for wrongful termination as well as Mac Everett, former acting CEO, for defamation of character.

Gloria Pace King served as CEO for the Central Carolinas United Way for 14 years. During her term, she raised fundraising profits from $18.5 million to $43.5 billion. She was seen as a strong leader by most of the United Way employees. During her term, her retirement package also grew to $2.1 million and her pay and benefits greatly increased, which led to an investigation by the board in 2007.

On August 26 Gloria Pace King was asked to step down by the United Way board. She refused and hired a lawyer on her behalf. On October 1st her employment was terminated by the board and Mac Everett was placed as acting CEO. This is when, according to King, Everett made comments against her character regarding the termination.

There is no trial date set for King’s wrongful termination suit, but the case against Mac Everett for defamation of character began this week.

Defamation of character is difficult to prove. In King’s case slander, verbal derogatory statements made about the defendant can be extremely difficult to prove, as there were no written statements made and the burden of proof lies in showing the verbalizations were made as incorrect facts.

Wrongful termination cases can be won with the help of a qualified attorney. Wrongful termination is devastating to anyone, especially one who has worked with a company for 14 years. The stress of losing one’s job while dealing with character insults can be tiring. An attorney can help you handle the stress of legalities while you focus on getting back on your feet and rebuilding your career.


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