Greenville, SC, Tour Bus Crash Injures Students, Parents, And Teachers | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A tour bus crash in Greenville, South Carolina, injured some of the students, parents, and teachers on board while shaking up everyone involved. The South Carolina Highway Patrol reports that individuals from the Blythewood Middle School in Richland County were on their way home from a field trip at Greenville Camp and driving on Highway 276 near Ceasars Head State Park when one of three buses lost brake control and involved the other two buses. One of the buses left the road and struck a tree head on.

The buses, from Jean’s Tour and Charters in Greenville, were carrying 150 sixth grade honor students from the middle school who had been at camp for the week. A spokesperson from Richland School District 2 told reporters that ten students, two teachers, the bus driver, and one parent were injured in the bus accident and that by nine in the evening everyone had been released from the hospital. One teacher had more serious injuries while the others had minor injuries.

A firefighter that responded to the bus crash said that if the bus accident had happened just yards down the road, it could have run off of the side of the mountain, resulting in much more serious results. He also said that the mountain road was a common place for larger vehicles like buses to lose their brakes.

More buses were brought in to take the uninjured passengers home.