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Hillsborough, NC Bike Accident Latest to Happen Where There is No Bike Lane

Safety is a major concern for those who ride bikes in heavy traffic areas. A February 26, 2012, accident that left a bicyclist injured in Hillsborough, North Carolina (NC), was only the latest in the area around Raleigh to illustrate this. More than 160 bike-car crashes have occurred in the region according to NBC-17, and a mjority of those happened on roads with no bike lanes.

Viewa larger map of the Raleigh, NC area

The City of Raleigh told the station that bicycle lanes are placed where conditions permit but that not all streets ar wide enough or designed in ways to allow for the lanes. Because bikes, car and trucks must share the road in many places, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is urging drivers to remember that a bicycle is legally categorized as a vehicle and that riders have the same rights as drivers.

Unfortunately, a bicycle does not afford the same protection as a car. Bike riders hit by vehicles often suffer serious, life-altering injuries. If those injuries are caused by the carelessness of a driver, the bike rider has the same rights as a car driver and can bring a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.

To learn about what rights a bike accident victim has, take a look at this article written by an experienced personal injury attorney in North Carolina.
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