State troopers in North Carolina continue searching for an SUV and its driver who caused a hit-and-run collision on I-485 near Charlotte on Sept. 19, 2012. The accident occurred in the town of Indian Trail near the exit to Providence Road.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the crash happened when a 21-year-old woman passed an SUV, then changed into the lane of the vehicle she had overtaken. The SUV then struck the woman’s car from behind, sending her off the highway.  The woman suffered severe injuries and was placed in an induced coma at a hospital.

Witnesses described the SUV as silver or light gray and told police that its driver first slammed on the brakes, leading the accident victim to make her passing move, then sped up once the car pulled ahead. The SUV’s driver did not stop after the collision occurred. These descriptions have led authorities to consider road rage as a cause of the accident.


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The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perspective

Highway driving is risky enough without having to worry about angry, vengeful people behind the wheels of other vehicles. And even if the person who caused the wreck on I-485 was not in the throes of road rage, he or she compounded any mistake made by fleeing the scene of the accident. As North Carolina personal injury attorneys who have represented people injured in hit-and-run collisions, we know that no at-fault drivers ever have valid excuses for not stopping to check on the health of the people they may have harmed. We hope the police soon track down the person who injured the woman in Indian Hills so that person can be held accountable.


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