House Fire Kills Newport, North Carolina Man | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Last Monday morning a Newport, North Carolina man died after a fire blazed through his home. According to the fire marshal the fire happened at 372 Masontown Road. It has been reported that the house was a total loss.

The victim of the fire was 39-year-old Danny Ballard who tragically lost his life in the flames. Newport’s fire crews said that he was found near the front door of his home. In what can be only viewed as a silver lining to this terrible fatality is that Ballard’s wife and two children were not home at the time. Also, the family’s dog was saved from the burning home.

A passerby reported the fire at the home at the corner of U.S. 70 and Masontown Road around 5:20 a.m. Barnett said firefighters found Ballard in the house during an initial search conducted when they arrived. He had apparently been asleep on the couch, Barnett said.

Newport Fire Department responded with assistance from the Morehead City, Wildwood, Broad and Gales Creek and Havelock fire departments. The fire marshal says the fire was ruled an accident and electrical in nature.

Potential fire hazard
to look for in your home:

A. Cooking accidents are the leading cause of fire related injuries for older Americans. The kitchen is one of the most active and potentially dangerous rooms in the home.
The unsafe use of smoking materials is the leading cause of fire deaths among older Americans.

B. Heating equipment is responsible for a big share of fires in seniors’ homes. Extra caution should be used with alternate heaters such as wood stoves or electric space heaters.

C. Faulty wiring is another major cause of fires affecting the elderly. Older homes can have serious wiring problems, ranging from old appliances with bad wiring to overloaded sockets.