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How to Determine if a Trucker Was Driving While Impaired

A significant number of Virginia truck accidents involve truck drivers who are under the influence of a substance—whether it is alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription drugs. When you are injured in a big-rig accident, it is vital that you determine whether driving under the influence and an intoxicated trucker were factors in your crash. But how can you know whether the trucker that hit you was driving while impaired? 

  • Observe the truck driver after the accident. While some truckers can be under the influence of drugs or alcohol without exhibiting many signs, others may have slurred speech, red eyes, uncoordinated movements, or other red flags of substance use. Note these behaviors and be sure to report them to police. 
  • Get a copy of the police report. When the authorities arrive at the scene of the accident, they will collect evidence related to the cause of the truck crash, including objects found in the truck’s cab and observations about the trucker’s behavior. All of this information is recorded in the police report. 
  • Know that the trucker will be tested. Under federal law, truck drivers involved in serious traffic accidents must take a drug and alcohol test following the crash. 
  • Get a Virginia truck accident attorney. An experienced and knowledgeable truck accident lawyer can help you get the facts surrounding your crash and injuries and help you understand who was likely at fault and why. To speak with a Virginia injury attorney today, call us toll free at 800-752-0042 and schedule a confidential appointment. 
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