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IKEA Recalls Baby High Chairs Over Fall Risks

IKEA has issued a recall for a popular high chair sold in their stores. Many have reported a faulty buckle that releases unexpectedly, causing children to fall to the floor. Three children affected by the product have received minor injuries associated with the fall.

The home furnishings chain reports selling 169,000 of the chairs with a manufacturer's date between June 2007 and September 2011 and a supplier number is 17389. The production date and supplier number can be found molded into the underside of the seat. The high chairs were sold in red, blue and white. They have plastic seats with detachable silver-colored metal legs.

If you think you have one of these chairs in your home, stop using it immediately. You can contact IKEA for a replacement seat restraint by calling (866) 966-4532 for information.

As a Virginia personal injury attorney, I've seen the damage defective products can do. These high chairs pose a threat of injury or even potentially death. Infants and toddlers young enough to be using high chairs are incredibly fragile, and a fall to the hard floor could be life-threatening. If your baby has been injured because of IKEA's defective safety buckle, consider consulting with us.

After all, this isn't the first time IKEA has recalled a high chair. As consumers, we expect companies we buy from to fully inspect and test for potential problems like this one. No one should be endangered by the fault of a careless product designer.


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