International Rockstar Suffers Serious Infection Due to Possible Medical Negligence | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Johnny Hallyday, a popular international rock musician, is currently in an induced coma after having multiple surgeries on his lower back. Hallyday apparently had surgery in Paris, France to repair a herniated disc, but the surgery was conducted poorly and led to a serious infection, according to the AP.

medical, malpractice, injury, lawyer, negligence, surgery, herniated discHallyday went through another surgery at Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, California to repair the damage. The original surgery caused lesions to form along with the aforementioned infection, which was affecting his bone marrow.

 “If what I’m being told in the United States is true, this operation was a massacre,” said son David Hallyday.

The details of what exactly happened in Paris are fuzzy, but it appears medical negligence took place, or at least a major surgical error.

The surgeons in Paris probably conducted a microdiscectomy which takes the pressure off the nerve root by removing the portion of the disc that is pressing on it, and provides the nerve with a better healing environment. If the surgery is properly administered, there is a 95 percent success rate, according to

From what the early reports indicate, it sounds like Mr. Hallyday is one of the unfortunate 5 percent that either suffered complications or had a surgeon who made a serious surgical mistake.

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