Jury Rules in Favor of Delayed Diagnosis Victim | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A jury in Fairfax, Virginia (VA) ruled in favor of a plaintiff seeking medical malpractice damages from a dermatologist who failed to diagnose melanoma. David M. Kopstein, the attorney for the plaintiff, took the case even after it had received a prior hung jury decision.

These types of cases are difficult due to the issue of causation. If there was a delay in diagnosis, it’s still difficult to prove the amount of time delayed was sufficient to warrant causation for the disease.

The four-day trial concluded with six hours of jury deliberation. At the end of the process, a $175,000 award was granted to the plaintiff, who is a 26-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police.  

Melanoma causes nearly 7700 deaths each year in the United States and is known to require extensive medical treatment, even surgery. Fortunately, the plaintiff in this case now has the financial means to receive quality treatment.

Congratulations to Mr. Kopstein for receiving a successful verdict in a very challenging case.