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Kraft Macaroni & Cheese May Have Caused Injury Before Being Recalled

On September 30, 2011, Kraft Foods issued a voluntarily product recall of 137,000 cases of Velveeta Shells & Cheese Single Serve Microwaveable Cups that were shipped throughout the United States due to “the possible presence of small, thin wire bristle pieces.” A press release states there had been not injuries reported, but it appears now that someone may have been injured.

Shortly before that corporate recall, a Kentucky (KY) man ate a bowl of the macaroni on September 21, 2011. Eight days later he was having surgery becauser a CT scan showed a small metallic sliver, which was still present, had perforated his small bowel and caused peritonitis. A part of his small bowel had to be removed. WSMV-TV 4 reports that the man and his wife filed a lawsuit in January 2012 against Kraft Foods, requesting $6.5 million in damages.

Although this particular case was in Kentucky, it is very possible that Virginia (VA) residents could have been affected because the product in question was distributed across the United States and do not have a printed expiration date until March 2012 at the earliest. So please check to be sure you do not have the recalled product in your home.

If you believe you or a family member ingested this product and had medical issues as a result, please contact a Virginia product liability attorney to discuss your legal options. Even if you used the product last year, it is not too late to seek legal help.

This article in which a Virginia product injury attorney offers more information regarding defective and faulty product claims.

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