Labor Day Weekend in Virginia Leads to 13 Dead and Nearly 10,000 Speeding Tickets | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

car, accident, speeding, injury, lawyer, drunk, drivingLabor Day Weekend highlighted poor driving in Virginia (VA). 13 people were killed in car accidents, nearly double the number killed in 2008, according to WSLS. In addition to the high death toll, nearly 10,000 speeding tickets were administered along with over 2,500 reckless driving citations, 90 drivers arrested for impaired driving, and over 800 seat belt violations. Three of the people killed in the aforementioned car accidents were not wearing their seat belt.  

All these numbers indicate a disturbing trend: when a holiday weekend arrives, the quality of driving drops precipitously. Virginia (VA) was actually seeing a drop in motor vehicle fatalities but Labor Day Weekend placed a spotlight on the continuing deficiencies in road safety. Clearly, we can do better than the numbers listed above.

As an injury lawyer who’s represented people seriously hurt in car accidents, I understand the ramifications of poor driving due to speeding, driving while under the influence, and just plain carelessness.

My deepest condolences go out to the families of the 13 people killed during Labor Day Weekend. Losing a loved one is never easy, especially in such a tragic manner.

 “What this says is, the need is still there to remind drivers they are taking their own lives, their passengers’ and other motorists’ lives into their own hands when they get behind the wheel. State police cannot emphasize enough the importance of putting safety first, so you or your loved one doesn’t become the next statistic on Virginia’s roads,” said Col. W. Steve Flaherty Superintendent of the Virginia (VA) State Police.

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