Local Lawrenceville, VA Farmer Killed in Two Vehicle Accident | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A woman was pronounced dead after a car accident on Route 29 and Plank Road near the NC border in Lawrenceville, Virginia.  She was the owner of Majesty Farms, and a member of Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association.    According to the Daily Progress, she was trying to cross Route 29 on Plank Road when a van crashed into her car.

Sgt. Jerry Utz of Albemarle County police said that the woman was ejected from the vehicle due to the impact caused by the crash.  Due to the severe trauma of the impact, she didn’t have a chance and died at the accident scene. It is still unclear as to the condition of the driver of the van, or even if they were injured at all. The woman is survived by her husband and her children.

She will leave behind a family that is surely bereaved and deeply saddened by such a tragic and unsuspecting vehicle accident such as this. It was probably a typical day in her life and this serves as a painful reminder that life is fleeting at best and we truly never know when it could be the last time we might get to see someone we love. As unfortunate as it is, fatal road accidents such as this one are far too common and the loss of life is staggering.

The 1999 WHO publication “Injury: A Leading Cause of the Global Burden of Disease,” reports that the leading injury-related cause of death among people aged 15-44 years is traffic injuries. Of the 5.8 million people who died of injuries in 1998, 1,170,694 died as a direct result of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. 

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