Logging Truck Safety Tips: Avoiding Crashes & Collisions | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

Last month, we wrote about two different logging truck accidents that took place on the same day, along the same stretch of roadway: Route 60 in Amherst County. Unfortunately, logging accidents are all too common in some areas of Virginia. Many happen for the same reasons and under similar circumstances. What can you do to avoid Virginia logging truck accidents and prevent serious injury?

  • Know where logging trucks are common. It’s no surprise that you will find most logging trucks in logging areas—often in the mountainous, rural, and forested regions of the state. Be on alert for trucks in these areas to prevent accidents from occurring.
  • Drive with caution on mountain roads. The majority of logging truck accidents occur on winding roads, on steep inclines, and on narrow, two-lane highways. To prevent a collision with a logging truck, drive carefully in these areas. Stay in your lane, do not speed, and do not drive while distracted.
  • Watch for overhang. Some logging trucks have loads that hang over the back end of their trailer (these logs are often marked with a flag). Be certain to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the back of the truck in case of a sudden stop. Also, be cautious of logging trucks that may not have secure loads.
  • Report dangerous trucks. If you see a logging truck that is speeding or driving recklessly to the point where the vehicle is endangering others on the road, report it to the police. Also, report trucks with unsecured loads or other dangerous issues. You might save a life.

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