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Man injured after being struck by SUV in Martinsville

It is not possible to walk down the side of a road and trust that you will be safe from any traffic that may be on that road.  It happens too often – somebody runs off the road and injures a pedestrian, often fatally.  It happened again in Martinsville, VA late Sunday night.  While on the side of Mulberry Road, a pedestrian was struck by an SUV that ran off the road.  The driver of the SUV lost control of his vehicle and before running off the road and striking the pedestrian.

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The victim’s condition is currently unknown.  The driver of the SUV was arrested and charged with maiming another resulting from driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and driving under the influence.  As experienced Virginia personal injury lawyers, we see cases like this all too often. We have had many clients walk through our doors who were injured due to the negligence of another because the other party was driving while intoxicated.  These accidents are so easily preventable if people would just have enough sense to not get behind the wheel after they have been drinking.  While many times they may walk away unscathed, that is often not the story for other countless victims of their negligence and disregard.

The victim in this case is, most certainly, entitled to recover compensation for the injuries he has suffered as well as any financial losses he may incur, whether it may be from bills that he cannot pay or lost wages due to not being able to work because of his injuries.  An experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer will help him through the process of filing a claim while he focuses in recovering from his injuries.


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