Recently a car accident on Two Notch Road in Columbia, South Carolina, (SC) killed one man, and left others seriously injured.

The car accident occurred when the driver of a Pontiac, Darren T. Harrell, lost control of his vehicle on Two Notch Road. He crossed over the median, and struck a Nissan SUV. A third driver swerved to avoid the car accident, but was unable to stop themselves from hitting the Pontiac.

The driver of the Nissan SUV and three passengers were taken to Providence Hospital to be treated for serious injuries sustained in the car accident. The driver and passengers of the third vehicle involved did not sustain any injuries. Tragically, Darren T. Harrell died at the scene of the accident.

Unfortunately, there is very little the SUV could have done to prevent the Pontiac from crossing the median and striking them. When a driver loses control of their car an accident can happen quickly. As a personal injury attorney who often represents car accident victims, I know firsthand how suddenly these types of accidents occur. Often, the driver who is struck does not even realize what is happening until it is too late. Thankfully, both the driver and passengers of the SUV will recover from their injuries.