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Man Killed in North Carolina Plane Accident

Two men took the skies in an experimental plane with a plan to arrive in Lexington, North Carolina (NC) at 10:45 am on October 24, 2011. Tragically, they never reached their destination. The plane crashed in Lexington just after 11 am.  

One of the men on the plane was killed, and the other was taken to the hospital for treatment of seriousinjuries. People who live near the soybean field where the aircraft came down told reporters that, shortly before the crash, they heard the plane sputtering and what sounded like a car backfiring..  

The deceased man had been flying for 20 years and routinely flew recreationally out of Craig Air Field in Arlington, Florida (FL).

As a licensed pilot
, I always find it difficult to read about airplane accidents that cause injuries and deaths. The investigation into this plane wreck has not been completed, so we do not have a full picture regarding the cause of the crash. Since the plane was an experimental craft, there may have been a mechanical issue.  

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