Man Killed While Changing Flat Tire in Charlotte, North Carolina | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle and killed while changing another driver’s flat tire in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC).



The pedestrian, Arthur Bankhead, pulled over on Interstate 85 in Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) to assist a woman who had pulled over to the left shoulder of the interstate with a flat tire. Three IMAP workers also pulled over to assist the woman. The IMAP workers set up emergency cones and flashers around the vehicle to indicate other drivers to move over to the other lane before passing by.


According to North Carolina State Troopers, Arthur Bankhead was inside of the coned off area of interstate 85 changing the tire when Sandra Krasen drove through the cones and struck and killed Bankhead. Sandra Krasen did not flee the scene. State troopers have opened an investigation on the car accident and Krasen may be charged with violating North Carolina’s move over safety law.


The move over safety law requires any vehicle to move a minimum of one lane over from any stalled vehicle or other emergency. So far the North Carolina Highway Patrol has issued 88 citations for violating the law. These citations have a $380 fine.


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