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Man on scooter injured after collision with SUV

Scooters are becoming a more and more popular form of transportation.  They are cheaper than cars and cost much less to fill up in gas. Unfortunately, scooters fall into the same risk category as motorcycles do.  A man in Charlottesville was taken to the hospital with injuries to his head following a collision with a Rav4 while he was riding a scooter. The crash occurred at the intersection of E. Water Street and 4th Street just before 10am on Tuesday.  The scooter collided with the right side of the Rav4 and his helmet came off during the crash.  Authorities have said that charges are pending.

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All too often, those who are traveling our roads on either a motorcycle or a scooter are at an extreme disadvantage.  They are already at a higher risk for suffering injuries just due to the nature of their vehicles.  A motorcycle or a scooter does not have the safety features that a car does nor or they protected in any way.  Add to that the number of people who drive around and do not pay proper attention to the road; their risk is doubled. 

As experienced Virginia personal injury lawyers, we see too many clients who were injured in accidents like this, often caused by someone else not paying enough attention.   Others who are driving on the road need to be more aware of the growing number of people driving around on scooters these days.  Those who operate scooters need to be more vigilant in their own protection as well.  They can do so by doing all they can to make themselves more visible to others.  Hopefully, if all would adhere to this advice, we will be seeing less and less of these types of accidents.

To learn more about filing a personal injury claim following a motorcycle or scooter accident, please read this free guide written by an experienced Virginia personal injury lawyer. 


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