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Manassas, Virginia Stay-At-Home Dad Killed in Head-On Dump Truck Crash

Three little girls will ask for days, weeks, even maybe months when their daddy is coming home.  The sad answer is, never.  That’s because a dump truck hit his SUV head-on and killed him instantly.  Police say their preliminary investigation indicated that the driver of a dump truck was traveling southbound on Lee Highway in Manassas, Virginia (VA) when he crossed into the northbound lane and hit the rear panel of a Ford F-350.  He then over-corrected back into the southbound lanes then back into the northbound lanes striking a Honda CRV head on.  Daniel Tulk was killed in the accident, his SUV was smashed head-on by the dump truck, police said.  The victim was an artist and a stay-home-dad, taking care of his three young daughters, ages 3, 5, and 7.


The airbags did deploy in the victim’s car but they could do nothing to help as the entire front of the SUV was swallowed by the dump truck. Due to just the sheer weight and size of the vehicles truck accidents are always much more traumatic than car accidents. Like many other commercial trucks, dump trucks are much larger and heavier than other vehicles on the road. Not only does this mean that they are harder to maneuver and stop, they are also more dangerous in the case of an accident.

As Virginia truck accident injury lawyers we know how complicated accidents that involve commercial trucks can be.  One question we have been asked is, “I was hit by a commercial truck. Is my claim against the driver, or his company?”  This is one of the many reasons it is smart to contact a Virginia truck accident injury attorney when you’ve been involved in an accident, because often a lawyer will help you locate all of the insurance coverage available to you.  Usually, both the driver and the company he was working for will be named as defendant in a potential suit, but speaking with your lawyer about this is the best way to figure out what to do.


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