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We could be looking at one of the biggest repair bills in real estate history. Inez Tenenbaum, the head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) predicts it will cost millions of dollars to fully repair and replace all of the toxic Chinese drywall which is plaguing so many homes in Hampton Roads.

Just one home builder in Virginia (VA) estimates they’ll spend $5 million to repair condos infected with the lethal drywall. Think about that – one home builder, $5 million. This drywall problem is in multiple states and has affected over 1,500 homes.

It’s obvious – the total cost to fix this drywall issue is going to be extremely expensive.

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Tenenbaum is looking for Congress to take action, but with the federal government already carrying massive debt loads, a bill to utilize tax payer money to repair and replace poisonous drywall made in another country may not get the requisite votes to pass.

As an injury lawyer who has written extensively about the drywall problem, it’s frustrating to see so many people have their lives practically ruined by this drywall while government agencies, home builders, and insurance companies drag their feet to take action. The CPSC is spending $3 million to study the toxic Chinese drywall but haven’t released a definitive study on the issue.

The home builders and insurance companies are engaging in a protracted baton swap of liability. If a home builder gets sued, they say the insurance company should cover the damages and file a claim (i.e. pass the baton), but the insurance company denies the claim due to the dubious notion that this drywall is exempt from coverage because it’s a “pollutant” and the home builder should cover the costs.

Everyone then points the finger to China and proclaim they should be held liable. This is legitimate, but international law can preclude foreign governments from liability in domestic litigation.

So this is where we are – homeowners are suffering and not much of anything has been done to correct the problem. This needs to change and I was justice to be served. People cannot have their lives so adversely affected and be left footing the bill for something they had no control over.

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