Misuse of Car Seats Injures, Kills Thousands of Babies | Shapiro, Washburn & Sharp

When parents and caregivers use infant car seats as baby carriers or as safety chairs, they put the children in their care at risk for serious injuries and even death from falls, choking and suffocation. My colleague Jim Lewis calls attention to this in his latest post to the Virginia Beach Injuryboard, citing an analysis of Consumer Product Safety Commission data that show that more than 8,000 infants are severely hurt or killed each year

Jim also notes that the Tidewater region is not untouched by car seat tragedy. He points to a Daily Press report about a former day care operator who will face manslaughter charges because a 5-month-old the woman was caring for choked to death after being left, unattended, strapped into a car seat placed on the floor of the day care center.

Jim concludes his post by suggesting that the CPSC move to ban all combination infant car seat-baby carriers.

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EJL when adults misuse car seats.